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Search Engine Expertise

Search engines are always changing the rules. But the one thing they don’t change is their goal: give their users the best results for any given search. Strong SEO and SEM strategies are about matching your products and services with search engine goals to strengthen your position and story to search engine users. That’s the BadCat way.

Digital Marketing ROI

Conversations happen online. When these conversations are related to your business’s products and services, you should be in the conversation. That’s what great digital marketing delivers – an open door to a conversation with potential customers.


Collaborative Consulting

Marketing is full of people who know better than you. BadCat believes that you know your business better than we do. That’s why we’re not in it to tell you what to do with your business. We’re in it to further your objectives with the digital marketing tools we know and love.

Working With BadCat Digital

A digital marketing consultant should be your partner, helping you to further your business goals. Maybe you’re looking for new clients for a law firm or accounting firm. Maybe you need more customers at your restaurant or retail location. Or maybe you are looking for more donors for your non-profit. Your digital footprint can help or hurt you in these goals. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to achieving these goals in a digital space. From SEO to SEM to Social Media, each set of digital tools has uses and your business’s resources need to be used wisely. BadCat is the digital marketing consultancy in St. Cloud that can be an advocate for your business goals online.

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