2020 Social Media Trends: Instagram and Facebook


January, 2020

Facebook groups. Shoppable posts. Dynamic videos. How will the world of social media change?

My name is BadCat Digital, and this is 2020!

So maybe this blog is just an excuse for us to pretend like we’re Barbara Walters on 20/20, but we really do believe that 2020 is going to be a big year for social media. We might be partial, but check out these Instagram and Facebook trends to see for yourself.  

Instagram Shoppable Posts

While a bit dangerous, shoppable posts on Instagram are here to stay. You can make purchases in-feed or through stories without ever leaving the app. With Shopping on Instagram, you can sell up to 5 items per image, or 20 per carousel post. The key to make it work for your business? Sign up for a Facebook Shop account and link it to your Instagram account.



IGTV has a permanent home on your Instagram profile, unlike stories, which disappear after 24 hours. Videos can be up to an hour long, and they’re a great way to engage with your audience.


Instagram Story Ads

Instagram Stories are only continuing to gain in popularity. An estimated 500 million users are using stories to engage with their audiences. Instagram plans to increase the ad-load in stories, so you’ll want to watch for them and adapt your strategy.

“Facebook Groups are a great way to build engagement among your followers and reach them on a deeper level.”

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups have continued to grow in recent years. They’ve been rolling out new features and targeting new audiences. Last year, they redesigned Groups and decided to make it a central aspect of their platform. Facebook Groups are a great way to build engagement among your followers and reach them on a deeper level. Get familiar with the platform in 2020 if you want to gain exposure and encourage great discussions among your followers.


Facebook Messenger Ads

Have you been using Facebook Messenger Ads to promote your brand? It’s time to start. Messenger Ads may have launched in 2016, but they’ll act as a great marketing channel in 2020. Use the same creative you’re implementing for Instagram and Facebook to make it easy on yourself.


Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook’s Dynamic Ads, launched just last year, are a machine-learning ad unit. Each ad is customized to individual users based upon what sorts of ads they’re most likely to click on. Use them for campaigns aimed toward catalog sales, traffic, and conversions.

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