2020 Social Media Trends: Twitter and Pinterest


February, 2020

It’s time for Part 2 of our 2020 Social Media Trends Predictions. This time, we’re talking about Twitter and Pinterest.

 Hide Tweets

In late 2019, Twitter began testing a feature that allows users to hide tweet replies. Businesses opt to hide tweet replies when they get inappropriate responses on their tweets. For instance, maybe someone is spamming their tweets with negative replies. This new feature allows people to have some control over the conversation. However, the replies aren’t hidden forever; users can see and engage with the hidden replies by clicking “View hidden replies.”


Twitter Videos

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that videos are all the rage on social media, and Twitter is no exception. New tools and video ad bidding options have helped businesses spread their brand and have caused video ads to contribute to more than half of Twitter’s ad revenue.


Twitter Lists

Twitter has committed to reviving lists and making it better in 2020. It gives you the option to follow topics as lists. This is great for businesses because they can engage with specific lists of content based upon interests and topics.

Pinterest Searches

You might think that using Pinterest is purely for personal use when you’re trying to find new recipes or decorating tips, but it has been improving its e-commerce capabilities. With their visual search tool, “Complete the Look,” individuals can search for images and the platform recommends products based on context and users’ past saves.


Pinterest Catalogs

Early last year, Pinterest launched a new feature, catalogs, which allows brands to create an entire product catalog on the platform (as long as they claim a domain on Pinterest). Users can then pin in bulk. Pinterest has developed the feature further, adding sections for specific products and retailers. Take advantage of these features to help push products to the consumer.


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