Cue the ball drop! 2020 is nearing its end! Who else is jumping for joy and hoping for a better year? We sure are! But now that a new year is creeping closer, that means there are plans to make: a new budget, a new marketing plan, and new social media trends to follow. Let’s talk about what social media strategies are bound to be trending in 2021!

The 4Cs

Let’s face it: COVID isn’t magically going to go away, and we’re probably still going to be dealing with it for a chunk of 2021. Consumers want brands to help them with daily life: in fact, a whopping 78% reported wanting this information! Your social media strategy should move forward utilizing the 4 Cs: community, cleanliness, contactless, and compassion. Bring your community together, show them contactless, clean options, and operate with compassion.


Do you know what’s always there for you when you’re feeling down and need to be lifted up? Memes. And they aren’t just popular with the younger generations. Consider incorporating memes into your messaging. 

Nostalgia Marketing

Just as memes have been doing well during the pandemic, so has nostalgia marketing. There’s nothing like remembering the good ole days (anything before 2020 at this point). It’ll help potential clients associate your products with positive thoughts.

Social Issues

It’s hard to live in 2020 and not care about at least one of the major global issues we are facing, whether it’s politics, education, or equality. You’ll see consumers looking to brands to take a stand. If you don’t make your stance known, you may see consumers either demanding that you do so or they may go elsewhere. This doesn’t mean you have be controversial, but you should have a strategy for addressing global issues on your social channels. Now is an important time to also pay special attention to spreading false information. Social platforms have been cracking down on this, and it won’t end in 2021.

Conversational Marketing

Say goodbye to stuffy, boring content. Social media users want to see fun, engaging, conversational content. Ask a question, conduct a poll, ask for an opinion. Make users feel like they’re part of the decision-making process when it comes to new products for your business. It’ll build both engagement and brand loyalty.


Facebook and Instagram will remain the top platforms, but make way for TikTok! The short videos are incredibly popular with younger audiences (think: ages 18-24), so if that’s the age range you are targeting, it may be time to make an account and start churning out some videos.