About Us

It Feels Good to Be Bad

BadCat designs custom-tailored marketing services for any business. Our marketing maestros turn your litter into glitter to add value to your business. We also enhance our community through local partnerships and provide an inclusive workplace for our team.

Work Hard

Our Pride stands behind our work because we’ve put ample amounts of research, caffeine, and occasional tears behind each piece. We’re proud of what we turn over to our clients, and we won’t send you anything that doesn’t meet our standards. When you work with us, you’ll know that we’ve done our best to enhance your business.

Play Hard

BadCat creates an environment where fun and productivity peacefully coexist. Any of our clients can tell you that we know how to have a good time. When the rat race is over, we know how to turn loose and let our fur down. Pride members enjoy many movie days, office parties, and workplace pups.

Chasing R.A.T.S.

BadCats always do work with our core values in mind. These R.A.T.S. demonstrate who we are as a team and as individuals and you can see these values reflected in your marketing efforts. All you need to do is reach out and get started.

We will be persistent in our pursuit of continued learning, improvement, and development to serve our goals as well as our clients’ goals.

We will build partnerships with each other, our clients, and local organizations to enhance our services and strengthen our community.

We will represent the truth as we understand it to our clients and each other, operating in openness and honesty.

We will be perceptive, proactive, and creative in identifying and achieving our goals as well as our clients’ goals.