Meet Michelle

Everything Michelle is good at came from failure. Her quilting never wins any awards and her MarioKart score is the lowest in her family. Digital marketing is her third career and the one she isn’t paying student loans for.

Yet, Michelle has turned her failure into BadCat Digital, a thriving digital marketing agency that continues to grow. Using her knowledge of, and grudging respect for, Google and social media companies, Michelle  and her team help businesses create a strong online presence. From getting clients to rank better on Google search results to discovering creative ways to communicate their brands on social media, Michelle has helped hundreds of businesses in the last 10 years grow through their digital marketing. The BadCat Digital Team has enjoyed tremendous growth every year and is developing into a strong player in the digital marketing landscape.

She’s still terrible at MarioKart, but great at making brands stand out online!

Take a Course with Michelle!


Learn to think about SEO the right way, with an eye toward positively affecting your business’s bottom line. Leave the class with a full SEO vocabulary, knowledge of tools and a personalized strategy for your business.


Google Ads can be a confusing and expensive tool to test.  Learn to untangle the mess, read the interface, and properly use this powerful advertising platform to your benefit.  Students will end the class by passing the basic certification test and developing an ongoing strategy for their business.

Social Media

From Facebook to YouTube to Reddit, social media can be your best friend or worst enemy. Learn how to harness today’s referral platforms and communicate with your current and potential customers.  Students will end the class with a personalized strategy for the platforms of their choice.

Google Analytics

There’s nothing like being able to fully evaluate the data about your website and digital marketing efforts. Follow a user’s experience through their visit on your website and turn data into strategic action with this class.


Email marketing is still a wonderful way to continue connecting with your previous and current customers, keeping them engaged and coming back month after month. Class covers everything from templates to subject lines and students will end the class with fully developed strategies for their business.

It all starts with a conversation.


BadCat Digital, Inc. BBB Business Review