Marketing Industry Trends for 2022

With the year ending, it’s crucial to prepare for the next one. Some people do this with New Year’s resolutions, business plans, or even some market analysis if you’re fancy. Every brand or business benefits from marketing, but it’s difficult to make priorities with so much to do. For 2022, we have some ideas for marketing industry trends you should look out for. We’ll cover the ones we think are most important and give you some insight into the future of your business. 

Privacy and Cookies

Big Data’s days might be numbered. There are plenty of changes coming down the pipe to protect privacy. With this shift to more privacy online, we’re seeing changes to how we can collect data from consumers. Nowhere is this more apparent than cookies.

We’re not talking about the kind you’d find in a certain blue puppet’s dirty mitts; instead, we’re talking about the tracking cookies that thousands of organizations rely upon for data. Cookies are set to expire sometime in the Summer of 2023. You’ll need a new way to track users and serve them your messages when this happens. Google already has an answer to this in FLoC, but the path forward in a cookie-less world is still unclear.

BadCat’s official recommendation is to keep your eye on this trend in 2022; that way, you won’t need to scramble when the Summer of 2023 comes around.

Influencers (Including B2B Marketing)

How often we need to talk about influencers is starting to make us nauseous. But we must admit that, much like our nation’s children, they are the future. What’s really interesting is the trend we saw in late 2021of B2B influencer marketing.

Try not to get your hopes up. Kim Kardashian isn’t putting on a hard hat to talk about 3M any time soon (though that would be kind of cool and is maybe our million-dollar idea of 2022). We’re seeing organic influencers spring up in B2B marketing in her place for now, and you can use this to supplement other B2B marketing trends.

As far as influencer marketing trends go, this is still small. But as far as B2B marketing goes, this may be the most incredible thing since sliced bread.

Faster Load Speeds

Did this page load fast for you? Boom! You’re here—point proven. Slow page speeds negatively affect how people engage with you. And when we say that, we mean that slow speeds make people want to avoid you entirely. Having an unoptimized website for desktop and mobile is a nail in the internet coffin for businesses.

Recent research from Google estimates that sites that loaded within 5 seconds received a massive increase in ad viewability, longer average sessions, and a substantially lower bounce rate. This year, get your website in order. Also, pay attention to mobile marketing trends as we move into a mobile world. Make sure your pages load quickly to satisfy the attention span of goldfish nation—or suffer the consequences.

Enhanced Content

Content is king, baby. At least that’s what we say until people politely ask us to stop. Users become enamored in curated content like videos, podcasts, and photos. Next year, the best thing you can do is beef up these content offerings to hook potential clients and convert them.

We’re seeing a considerable boost in video content creation for next year, and you should hop on that train while you can. We all know everyone and their mother has a podcast now, but that shouldn’t stop you from throwing your hat into the ring and letting people hear what you have to say. Don’t shy away from the spotlight in 2022; instead, create content that is engaging and simple enough to make.

That’s all she wrote. Of course, there are more marketing industry trends you can learn from—and even current marketing trends to carry into next year. But these are those that we found will be most important for your business in 2022. And for help with every one of them, turn to BadCat Digital for the best marketing service around.