End of Year Marketing Plans


November, 2019

With the end of the year quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning for 2020. You’ve hopefully solidified your holiday marketing plans, but now you definitely want to start setting your strategy for the new year to get a head start.



Creating your marketing budget should be one of your first priorities. Start by examining your 2019 budget, return on investment, and your goals for 2020. Review how marketing strategies did or didn’t work, and decide how you will move forward with revitalized strategies in the new year.



From your email campaigns to your website content, how well received was your content this year? What worked well and what didn’t? Make a list of your top performing content, and note what worked well about it. Maybe it was well-timed and well-designed, in addition to targeting the right audience. You’ll also want to track the content that didn’t go off so well. What went wrong? Figure out how you can revisit your successful content in 2020. You always want to keep content from going stale. Be sure to use some of the strategies that worked well in 2019.


Social Media

You’ll want to do the same review process for your social media accounts that you do with your content. Look at your analytics to determine what visitors interacted with most. Do some spring cleaning and unfollow/unfriend anyone who no longer fits your brand. Start following other accounts that are important in your industry or community. Take stock of the trends in your industry, pay attention to what your competitors are doing, and refocus your brand based upon what you find. Make clear goals for 2020, and develop effective strategies that will help you reach those goals. Make sure you have multiple members of your team helping you brainstorm this.


Take advantage of your 2019 momentum into the new year. It’s all about being creative and gaining new prospects. If you have further questions on what an annual marketing plan should look like, read more here: https://badcatdigital.com/the-importance-of-a-yearly-marketing-plan/


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