April, 2021

Are You Ready For Facebook Changes?

Apple iOS 14 Changes Impact Facebook Ads. A lot.

 If you’re an Apple mobile device user, you might have already noticed new alerts from your phone asking if you’re interested in providing device information, like location, to apps. Apps like Facebook.

Why are they asking? Because, up until March 2021, apps just accessed this information by virtue of being on your Apple device. Facebook in particular uses this information to inform advertising services. When businesses purchase ads on Facebook, they can target ads based on your location, but also on your interests and other behavior—both online and offline. Ever seen an ad for a cruise on Facebook RIGHT after you were talking about a Bahama vacation?

Starting in Spring 2021, Apple will require that individual users provide permission for Facebook to continue collecting this data and, by extension, selling ads based on this data. And boy, is Facebook mad.

They have to completely revamp their ad platform, starting with the tracking that businesses and agencies use to measure ad effectiveness and ROI (return on investment).

We don’t know all the exact effects yet. Even Facebook doesn’t even know yet.


But we do know this: 

  • 28-day historic attribution is, well, history. 7 days of data max.
  • Off Facebook conversion events will be measured differently.
  • 8 Conversion events, max, with a 3 day hold on conversion changes.
  • Domain specific pixels (this will require most agencies to completely recreate and restart ads).


What does it mean for your business? If you’re currently working with BadCat on your Facebook and Instagram ads, no worries. We’ve been preparing since the announcement first came out in fall of 2020. If you’re doing these ads yourself and this is the first you’re hearing of it, we would recommend further research and/or engaging with an agency partner. If you’re working with a different agency, reach out and ask about how your ad strategy will shift with this change. 

Stay tuned to the BadCat blog for more info about the epic data fight between Apple and Facebook. And don’t worry, Google’s not playing nice in the sandbox either. There will be more shake-ups in the coming months. A strong relationship with your agency partner will be key for digital marketing success in 2021 and beyond!

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