July, 2018
Think you can’t be in two places at once? With Google AdWords, excuse me, Google Ads, your company can show up wherever your customers search. The new, improved, and shortened version of Google AdWords is called Google Ads. This new brand launch will continue to represent their full range of campaign types across Search, Display, Video, App, and more. You will continually be able to connect with your customers where ever they may be.

What does the new Google Ads entail?

Starting on July 24, 2018 Google AdWords will be renamed Google Ads with a new logo that will be reflected in the product interface, billing, Help Center, and other areas.  


Do you need to brace for the change?

If you are running an Ad on one of Google’s campaigns, don’t worry there is no action required on your end while Google is making this change. This change will not affect your campaign’s performance, navigation, or reporting. What grump ever said change is a bad thing? This change requires no work at all for you, it’s great!  

What is Google Ads?

The functions of Google Ads will be no different than Google AdWords. It is a way for you to reach your customer with a graphic display ad, YouTube video ad, text-based search ad, or in-app mobile ad. You are able to reach customers on a local level as well as a global level.