November, 2018

To no one’s surprise, Google Ads has recently changed. For those of you still reeling from the change from Google AdWords to just Google Ads, don’t panic. Read on for the latest news on the change and how it affects your ad campaigns.

You might remember when Expanded Text Ads launched in 2016 and advertisers were thrilled because they saw increased click-through rates. Since then, we’ve seen a multitude of changes—including larger devices and larger character limits.


Google is responding accordingly by making Expanded Text Ads larger. You’ll get an extra headline and character limits on expanded text ads. This means you have more opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition on the SERP.


The format used to be two 30-character headlines followed by one 80-character descriptor lines. Now you’ll get more bang for your buck with three 30-character headlines instead of two, and two 90-character descriptor lines. Not only do you get an extra descriptor line, the character limit is higher. Your ads can be almost twice as large as before—bigger really is better.


If you’re running ads using the smaller format, don’t worry. The smaller format will still be served. However, now is as a good a time as any to take advantage of this new ad format. These larger ads are receiving more clicks than the smaller ad formats, but be sure you aren’t compromising quality ad content. If you’re hesitant to switch over to the larger format and unsure whether or not it’ll be better for your business, run a large ad alongside your older, smaller ad and compare their performances.


If you’re wondering whether your ads are performing to their maximum potential, give us a call and we can take a second look.