Facebook has been the lead social platform since it overtook MySpace way back in the internet dark ages of 2008. In terms of unique users and monthly average usage, Facebook led all other social media platforms. Until now.

Long Live the King?

When Facebook first emerged, it sparked a cultural revolution that defined a generation. But all things must come to an end, and with the recent controversy surrounding the platform, the finale may be closer than anyone expected. And if multiple scandals weren’t enough to shake Facebook from its position on the top, perhaps a new social media platform could be the one to do it.

A New Challenger: Facebook vs. TikTok

Tik Tok has recently emerged, enticing millions of people with short-form videos. You’ve no doubt been shown a few or heard the latest about posts going viral. But just how popular is TikTok? To answer that question, all we need to do is compare it to the top dog.

Given recent statistics, it’s easy to see that TikTok is quickly making up ground by leveraging its unique video content to entice viewers. And given the shift in user base for Facebook, catering primarily to an older demographic, it won’t take long at this rate for TikTok to catch up. 

How Popular is TikTok?

In 2019, Facebook’s monthly average usage was 15.5 hours. In 2020, this usage climbed to 17.7 hours as people stayed home and inside. During the same two-year span, TikTok rose from 12.8 to 21.5 hours a month on average (statistics courtesy of marketingcharts.com). TikTok’s higher average usage isn’t going anywhere, and they’re on track to beat Facebook’s average usage again in 2021.

Why? Video is a much more engaging medium than still images. 38% more engaging, as a matter of fact. Not to mention TikTok’s full-screen design was made for mobile devices, and Facebook’s mobile interface is still mired in its desktop origins.

When comparing Facebook vs. TikTok, it’s easy to see a pattern forming. Facebook still has more unique users, and by a lot. But the leading age demographic of those users is 25-34, followed closely by 35-44. TikTok’s chief age demographic is 10-19, with the 20-29 age category climbing. It doesn’t take a crystal ball to understand where this is going.

Applying Successful Social Media to Your Business

What does this trend mean for your business? It means you need to figure out how to incorporate video social media into your marketing strategy. Whether you create those videos and place yourself or work with a digital marketing partner, presence in the fastest growing social platform since the early 2000s is going to be vital.

But, you say, this means the people who buy things are on Facebook, and teenagers are on TikTok. So, I want to stay on Facebook, and who needs TikTok?

Of course, you want your message to show where your potential customer’s eyes are. But these trends do show the appetite for video increasing. And regardless of the platform, users spend more time watching videos than they spend scrolling a news feed. So video is crucial even if, for now, you’re posting that video to Facebook.

Spending time working on a video social media strategy and workflow will ensure you are prepared with assets that are engaging and create a deep connection with your social followers.

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