Brand positioning is essential to your business, but consumers can sometimes get it twisted. See what we did there? Luckily, your brand can do a few things to reclaim your status at the customer’s top-of-mind. Are you ready for a brand revamp?

How to Correct Poor Brand Positioning

There are many ways to evaluate and correct brand positioning, but each step is useless if you can’t create a plan to address the problems you uncover. As you visit each section, learn how to create brand positioning, differentiate your business, and apply each point to your service.

There are six ways to change poor brand positioning: revisiting your mission statement, considering your target audience, injecting personality, evaluating language and tone, establishing credibility, and creating consistency.

Reconnect With Your Mission Statement

Sometimes it makes sense to go back to the basics. Your business was undoubtedly found on a core concept or idea. You might have even made a mission statement somewhere in the early days of your business. As a company grows and evolves, it can quickly lose sight of its original goal. If you determine that your organization needs unique brand positioning, you might consider reconnecting with your mission statement.

Your company’s mission statement can clarify your brand and allow you to remember the message you want to deliver to customers. If you have never made a mission statement, don’t worry. You can create one now and use it to evaluate your current communications. If you wish to forgo making a mission statement, you can still participate in this step. Each company functions with a central idea, so all you need to do is reconnect with it.

Consider Your Target Audience

After you connect with your mission statement and begin determining the best brand positioning to convey it, you’ll want to consider the target audience. Your message must cater to its intended audience. Every business serves an ideal client. Your brand should speak in a way that your target audience will understand and appreciate.

This step might involve cutting down on jargon that your general audience doesn’t understand. Considering your audience might instead involve including details about your organization and products that seasoned buyers will use and appreciate. No matter what steps you take, ensure that your brand is easy to understand, gives the audience what it’s looking for, and accurately portrays who you are.

Counter Bad Brand Positioning with Personality

When you inject your personality into your brand, it gives your audience more opportunities to connect with you. Be careful not to obscure your message; otherwise, you’ll continue having poor brand positioning. When you imbue your brand with a unique personality, you can create the best brand positioning to stand out from your competitors. People want to see what makes you different, so give them an inside look at your business’s culture. 

Evaluate Language and Tone

Clarifying the language and tone you use is one of the best ways to avoid bad brand positioning. We spoke earlier about eliminating jargon during the section on target audiences; however, this also ties in perfectly with this step. Your core demographic will appreciate language and tone that adheres to their expectations for a business but still excites them with personality. It’s vital during this step to consider some guidelines for communications that you can use during every interaction with your target audience.

Establish Credibility and Trust

Credibility and trust are two of the most important facets of how to create brand positioning. Your audience will undoubtedly want proof of your excellent work. This rise in credibility will also promote trust from your consumers. An increase in credibility and trust can help your organization avoid poor brand positioning. For your company, this step might include building case studies, partaking in thought leadership on social media, or gathering and distributing testimonials.

Create a Strong Brand Position with Consistency

Even if you take hundreds of hours to build your brand positioning, it crumbles without consistency. Consistency lets you stay at the top of a consumer’s mind–where other companies might fade over time. This consistency applies to how you communicate and the medium, frequency, and templates you use to do so.

Build the Best Brand Positioning with BadCat

If you visit each step in this process and craft actionable steps that pertain to your brand, you can create the best brand positioning possible. We know the work can feel overwhelming, though, so BadCat Digital Marketing offers Branding Services for clients. When your brand is ready for some refreshment, you can contact us to create unique brand positioning and get back on top of the competition.