February, 2021

If you tuned into last month’s blog entry about video marketing, you understand how important it is for your business. This month, we’d like to talk a little more about how to create engaging videos that will keep users interested and will boost sales. 

Know your Audience

The first step in creating captivating videos is understanding your audience and what they like. Define who your target audience is, and figure out what they’re interested in. Your content should align with these interests. A video that appeals to their likes will pique their interest and keep their attention.


Keep it Short

When you’re writing the video script or coming up with a concept, the important thing to remember is that people have short attention spans when it comes to watching videos on social media. The data isn’t entirely conclusive, and it changes frequently, but it’s ultimately recommended to keep your video under three minutes if you want it to perform well.


Have Fun with It

Nobody is going to keep watching your video if it’s boring. Aim to have a great attention-getter right from the start, and keep the rest of the video light-hearted and fun. The aim should be to hook your audience within the first three seconds to increase the likelihood that your audience will continue to watch. Injecting humor is a great way to make sure that your audience watches until the end and continues to think about your business or product long after the video has ended.


On the flipside, if humor doesn’t fit with your brand or service, consider trying to elicit an emotional response. A good story will evoke empathy. Pulling at the heartstrings is a great way to captivate your audience.



Ultimately, you want to inspire your audience to do something, whether that is inspiring them to buy your product or services or to inspire them to improve something in their lives. Make sure that, whether you decide to go the humorous or empathy-evoking route, your audience feels hopeful, happy, or excited once the video ends. This will encourage a positive association with your brand, and your audience will be more likely to engage with your brand. And make sure you include a call to action before the video ends!



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