Cut Through the Clutter


November, 2017
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are known as the biggest sales event of the year, and for good reason too. With pretty much every brand pushing their deals and price-cuts, it can be hard to get your message heard over your competitors. Here are some strategies to keep you in consumers’ minds and engage with customers to take advantage of this valuable opportunity.
Be Unique. Offer an exclusive product or service that only you provide. Rather than go head-to-head with your competitors on pricing, provide your customers with something unique to your brand. It doesn’t have to be a completely new product. It could be an exclusive service like free checkups of extra warranties. It could also be an exclusive deal like a free product with purchase of another. Anything to set you apart and cut through the clutter.

Build up to your deals. Begin by offering your deals slowly the days leading up to Black Friday and create a sense of urgency the day of by offering variety. Offer deals connected to products in other categories to provide more options and always be adding deals to create a reason for the consumer to keep checking your site. By continuous updates, you’re engaging with your customers and staying in their minds when they decide what to buy on the big day.

“Rather than go head-to-head with your competitors on pricing, provide your customers with something unique to your brand.”
Create and tell a captivating story to reach the emotional connection behind the purchase. Stories are great to rely on when you’ve maxed out on the deals you’re offering and are great at explaining “why” buy this product or service. This’ll help improve your positioning in the consumer’s decision-making process.
Be ready for mobile shopping. Conversion rates on mobile devices continue to increase every year and don’t seem to be slowing down. Consumers are becoming more willing to complete the purchase on their phones so you must be ready for the limitations of mobile web and e- commerce experiences. Make sure your social media channels are updated with new content regularly and keep ads simple to keep you brand in their mind when it’s checkout time.

It can be tough reaching your potential customers this time of the year but with some of these strategies, you can’t go wrong. The work isn’t done yet however, for Christmas season is just around the corner so get ready for more. Need some help with that? Give BadCat Digital a call and we’d love to sit down with you to devise some strategies for this holiday season.

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