Meet Dexter!


July, 2019

Meet Dexter Hanson, our account manager here at BadCat Digital! They’ve been with us since March and we’re so lucky to have them! In addition to bringing a ray of sunshine to the office every day, Dexter’s unique skillset is perfect for the digital marketing world.

Where did you grow up?

A majority of my childhood was spent living in Brookings, South Dakota, which is an hour north of Sioux Falls, SD. At the end of my middle school years, my mother moved us to Redwood Falls, Minnesota where I completed the remainder of my high school degree.


Where did you attend school?

I chose to attend MState in Moorhead, MN graduating with my AAS in Business Management, Marketing and Sales. I was very honored to attend school here and learn from such outstanding role models!


What are some of your past employment experiences?

I come from a rather diverse background from kitchen cook staff to residential/commercial property management to payroll. I strive to be in a position where I am client facing, allowing me to deliver superior customer service whenever applicable.


Who’s your favorite BadCat and why?

My favorite BadCat is Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch! I have always known Salem to be more of a sassy character who can be helpful a majority of the time but is always his own unapologetic self!


What’s your favorite book?

I don’t have a set favorite book or even a favorite author. I really enjoy reading self-improvement books pertaining to business, travel, self-discovery, etc. I am also a huge mythology/supernatural buff who continuously reads into the history of the folklore.


What is your favorite TV Show character?

I have two favorite TV show characters that I always aspire to be more like: Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation and Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burger. Both characters represent very strong female roles who always manage to be their own creative self while making others burst out into laughter.


What is your favorite movie?

My absolute favorite movie is How to Train Your Dragon…No question.


When you’re not at BadCat, what can you be found doing?

When I am not in the office, you can typically find me spending time with my puppy, Clover. Otherwise I am typically trying to make a difference volunteering with one of my several non-profit organizations while always trying to be the greatest Pokémon Trainer possible.

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