April, 2021

Please welcome Turner Wagie to the team, in charge of business development here at BadCat Digital! Keep reading to learn more about him and find out what sport he isn’t good at.

Where did you grow up?

Germantown, Wisconsin


Where did you attend school?

I attended St. Cloud State University, where I majored in marketing, with a minor in mass communications focused on advertising.


What are some of your past employment experiences?

I’ve worked at a couple different golf courses over the past 6 years and in the intramural program in college. If I could work in a sports-related environment, that’s where I wanted to be.


Who’s your favorite BadCat and why?

My dog, Willow. Yeah, not a cat person, sorry. She is a very energetic little pup who loves to run and be outside as much as possible. She is originally from Georgia but recently discovered she loves the snow and now she can’t get enough of it.


What are some of your favorite genres?

My favorite genre of movie is sports, my favorite genre of TV is action or mystery, and my favorite genre of music is country.


When you’re not at BadCat, what can you be found doing?

If I can be outside that’s where you’ll find me. I love to fish, hunt, hike, camp, and snowboard. I also like to try my hand at as many different sports as possible—except tennis, I’m bad at tennis. Otherwise, I’m just sitting on the couch hanging out with some friends—I know, super exciting.

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