We’re happy to add two new faces to the Pride. Over the winter, we’ve added a graphic designer and a videographer to our band of merry marketers.

BadCat is excited to see what these new faces can do, but you know we just had to break the ice by asking them our favorite questions. Without further ado, meet our videographer Mike and graphic designer Serena!

#1 What is Your Background?


I’m from Litchfield, Minnesota. I’ve spent the past 15 years working mostly in restaurants in all kinds of positions including owning my own restaurant for four years (The Tavern on Main). After selling my restaurant, I decided that I wanted to find work that would allow me to have a normal schedule so I could spend more time with my kid. I went back to finish my degree in mass communications and creative media production at SCSU and graduated this past December before coming to work at Bad Cat!


I studied graphic design, web design, and business in media at Minneapolis Media Institute. I’ve been freelancing for three years but decided to join BadCat because I got bored working alone and wanted to be a part of a cool team. I grew up in Edina, Minnesota and lived all over Minneapolis and St. Paul for the past few years. I recently moved to Saint Cloud to enjoy and explore a new place!

#2 If You Could Wake Up with Any Ability or Quality, What Would It Be?


I would want the ability to fly. Being able to soar through the sky and go wherever you want sounds awesome.


I wish I had the talent to be popstar. I would want the ability to sing, dance and perform for a large audience without fear!

#3 You’re Trapped on A Deserted Island. You Can Have One Movie, One Book, And One Album. What Are You Bringing?


I hate these types of questions because I have too many favorites and it changes constantly so I’ll do my best:

Movie – Interstellar

Book – Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Album – Yourself or Someone Like You by Matchbox Twenty or anything from the 90s


Movie – Lilo & Stitch

Book – The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Album – Speaking in Tongues by Talking Heads

#4 A Crystal Ball Can Tell You One Thing About the Future, The Past, Or Anything Else in The World. What Do You Ask?


So many questions about aliens….


Will there be a resort on the moon, and can I take a vacation there?

#5 What Does Your Perfect Day Look Like? What Can We Find You Doing Outside of BadCat?


It’s pretty laid back. My perfect day includes going to the gym, eating good food, and hanging out with my son Owen – playing video games, going to the park, or just playing outside in the sun!


A perfect day for me would be going for a hike in a forest, playing videogames, ordering takeout, and going out dancing with my friends.

Welcome to the team, Serena and Mike! If you’d like to meet more of our BadCats, and their pets, you can find them on our team page.