Other Services

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

BadCat can do anything…well if it involves digital marketing. If there’s something we don’t know, you can bet that we’re only a few Google searches away from mastery.

There are several aspects to a successful strategy, which is why you’ll need a team with every trick in the bag.

BadCat’s additional services include:

Branding and Logo Design

Creative Writing and Content Marketing

Photo and Video Production

Print Marketing

Consulting and Public Speaking

Branding Services

A great brand building agency keeps you at the top of a customer’s mind. Brands that are consistent, influential, and authentic are the most memorable to customers. Whether you’re revamping your brand or starting fresh, our team will help you:

    • Establish a mission statement
    • Create or rediscover your logo
    • Find an eye-catching brand color palette
    • Help distinguish your company’s voice
    • Locate and target your ideal audience

Content Marketing

We use online content to connect with your target audience and leave an unforgettable impression. High-quality blogs, videos, and newsletters grab the audience’s attention and refuse to let go, giving plenty of opportunities to pitch your product. Killer content includes: 

    • Blogs and articles that entice your audience
    • Newsletters and regular email promotions guaranteed not to wind up as spam
    • Video content like webinars, instructionals, testimonials, and social media posts
    • Downloadable e-books, PDFs, case studies, and whitepapers for your left-brained customers

Photo and Video Production

When you want to capture the moment, BadCat is also a fully-capable photo and video production agency. Our team members help you create a visual story that hooks your audience and delivers a clear message. BadCat always captures your good side with our services:

    • Photo sessions on-site or in our studio
    • Image correction and editing
    • Video shoots with storyboard and script creation
    • Video editing for a captivating final product
    • Custom animations for any platform
    • Full ownership of finished products with zero upload restrictions

Print Marketing Design

People say print is dead, but they’re dead wrong. At BadCat, we believe that print still has its place, you just need to know how to use it effectively. An effective design and print agency builds brand loyalty, generates leads, and much more. But how do you create impactful print marketing? You do it by working with the Pride:

    • Unique business cards
    • Postcards and e-mail blasts
    • Appealing infographics
    • Company brochures
    • Branded catalogs
    • Advertising banners and billboards

Consulting and Public Speaking

If you’re just looking to foster us for now, BadCat also offers consulting services for your business. Our team will review your business goals, identify optimal strategies, and give you an action plan to meet those goals. 

For those of you who love TED Talks, rent a BadCat for a presentation. When you book us for public speaking, you’ll hear from CEO Michelle Henderson. You give us the topic, we’ll give you the presentation.

Proof in the Numbers

These services enhance the way you do business. Don’t believe us? Let’s break down the numbers on these masterpiece marketing services.

Consistent branding can lead to an increase in revenue of up to 33%.

55% of consumers state that they rely heavily on content to conduct research and inform purchase decisions.

54% of consumers surveyed want to see more video content from their favorite brands.

Combining print and digital ads make online campaigns up to 400% more effective.

What Are You Waiting For?

The best time to get started with BadCat services was yesterday, but today is pretty good too. To find which service is best for you, and get help creating the best marketing strategy, contact us.