The pandemic taught a lot of companies that communication is important – no matter where you are. The ability to share vital information and collaborate digitally is not just a good practice to have, it’s vital for a company’s success.

And sometimes just for fun.

Like many digital businesses out there, the BadCat team uses an app called Slack. The app allows businesses to dedicate channels to certain teams, topics, and really whatever you might decide needs communication. We use it for collaboration, file sharing, posting updates and questions to one another… and for random fun to break up the day.

Case in point: our #OverheardAtBadCat channel. Sometimes in an office, you overhear someone say something completely innocent, but taken at the wrong moment, it can seem a bit odd. We like sharing these tidbits with one another, and no, we’d like to share them with you! These are some of our favorite Overheard At BadCat quotes–with a brief explanation when we can provide one!

“We need a Ouija board… Arthur, is this color scheme ok?” – Spencer

Once our design intern, Arthur is an amazing graphic designer on our team and has a natural eye for game design. It’s no wonder why we would run things like the color scheme of a Ouija board by him. Out of context, however, we admit it might seem a little odd.

“Oh, I’m stealing that yellow turtle.” – Bri

Have you had a chance to visit our new office yet? We have an amazing plant wall right as you enter the office with a collection of fun pottery. Some are cats with plants growing out of their butts, but the one that caught Bri’s eye was a mustard yellow turtle we’re happy to say she has not stolen. Yet.

The BadCat plant wall, featuring a coveted turtle planter

“Honestly, I’m so sick of Erin and the way that she outdoes me every day.” – Carissa

Erin is one of our amazing writers. She’s super creative and even though it sometimes takes a few cups of coffee, her wit makes some of us a bit jealous. We’re supportive of one another… we promise.

“Give Bri the card to cover the centralized meat.” – Michelle

Every year, BadCat celebrates the team with a day off doing something fun as an office. One year we went to the Renaissance Festival, another time we visited Collegeville Orchards and carved pumpkins. This year, we had a beach day at Warner Lake County Park near Clearwater. We swam, kayaked, and grilled a delicious lunch comprising burgers, brats, and veggie burgers. Hence: centralized meat. 

“Nothing that you do sounds fun to me.” – Carissa (to Spencer)

Spencer is our gifted and very dedicated SEO Specialist and search team lead. He’s great at his job, only not everyone agrees that his job is… let’s say, desirable. It is safe to say that we are all very thankful for his talent and dedication! 

“We’re not suit and tie people. We’re mimosa and tattoo people.” – Michelle

This quote explains itself. <3

“Anxiety makes me funny.” – Kayle

Anyone in an industry that is continually changing knows the stress that sometimes comes with it. Our team works really hard at staying supportive and positive when faced with difficult situations. Otherwise, we resort to sarcasm and dark humor.

“Cosmetics are my passion” – Spencer

At least once a week, someone in the office makes an ironic, “(fill in the blank) is/are my passion” joke.

“The only thing keeping me from the verge of insanity is this f@*&ing pillow” – Erin

We have a set of sequin-covered pillows in the office. Drawing pictures on them is our passion.

“I would love to bump stomachs with a sea cow.” – Dexter

…umm… Same? 

“The heating and cooling guys are in their feels today.” -Carissa

Moving into a historic building comes with plenty of updates and projects. We’ve had ongoing updates and beautification tasks in progress over the last few months, and on one such occasion, the crew installing ductwork in the basement were singing along with the Deana Carter classic Strawberry Wine. Yeah. We’re just gonna leave that there.

“Only the best dead Italian animals make the best instruments.” – Caleb

Did you know that serious musicians still use catgut to string their instruments? You learn something new every day. 

“If I ever stop saying weird sh*t, please shoot me.” – Spencer

We certainly won’t, Spencer. But most of the time, ‘making it awkward’ is close to a job requirement to work at BadCat.