Permanent Business Changes Following COVID


September, 2020

Let’s be honest with ourselves: 2020 has been a bit of a dumpster fire, hasn’t it? Businesses everywhere are feeling it—from massive corporations filing for bankruptcy to small businesses struggling to pay their rent. Some businesses have become overwhelmingly busy, and others have had to close entirely. Decisions that would normally be made in a large conference room seated amongst a table of board members have moved to Zoom. Conferences and tradeshows have not just been postponed, but canceled. It’s safe to say that your marketing plan for the second half of 2020 was probably thrown out the window. And the thing is, it’s not quite over yet. While we’re hopeful for the future, we know that COVID sparked some permanent changes in the business world and we’ve all been forced to change up our strategies.

Office Changes

First things first: the way we work in the office has to change for the unforeseeable future. Reports show that employees enjoy working from home. Many people feel as productive —if not more productive—out of the office as they do in office. Employers must allow the flexibility of working from home, while in the meantime redesigning office space to make sure social distancing guidelines are followed. In-person meetings will need to make the move to video or phone calls to respect people’s safety concerns.


You may find that the problem with employees not wanting to come back has nothing to do with safety, and everything to do with the way the company is structured. Take some time to rethink and restructure as needed. (Consider if you really need to schedule that meeting or if an email would suffice, especially in today’s landscape.)

“Your marketing team—armed with effective data—should be the front and center of every decision made.”

Marketing Changes

The way we shop has changed entirely. And while consumer trends are always changing, we’ve never faced anything quite like COVID. Businesses are scratching their heads trying to figure out how to stay relevant. Worry less about good shelf placement (buyers will stock up regardless) and more about how to deliver your product to the customer. The most successful businesses at the end of this will be the ones who create a seamless online experience that will excel long after the virus recedes into a memory. Businesses looking for new customers also need to slow their roll a bit. Now is the time to focus on pleasing current customers to build loyalty.


Now more than ever, you need to get your digital experience right. This means that businesses who were relying on word-of-mouth for decades and resisting technological advancements will need to make digital marketing a priority. A website, a strong social media presence, and even an app deliver value to your customers that you can simply no longer achieve in brick-and-mortar stores any longer. Your marketing team—armed with effective data—should be the front and center of every decision made. In the upcoming year, the new services that launch will have come to fruition because of the changes COVID forced upon us. To compete, you’ll have to give your marketing team the ability to help shape the success of your business.


If you’re ready to step up your digital marketing game, give us a call. The future is uncertain. It’s time we all adopt our new normal.


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