December, 2020

Tis the season of giving! Are you scrambling to find the perfect holiday gifts and get them wrapped before upcoming gift changes? As a business owner, don’t forget that you also need to consider adding client gifts to your list. Here at BadCat, we absolutely love planning and putting together our annual holiday gift, and we’re more excited this year than ever to drop off our gifts. If you’re ready to wow your clients this year, we have a few tips to set your gift over the edge.

Get Personal

We love a personal gift! You may not know each of your clients well enough to pick out an individual, personalized gift for each of them (especially with hundreds of clients), but if you know your clients well enough, you know what they don’t like. Skip the boring, traditional gift that you give out every year, and try something more unique. Switching it up this year with a well-thought-out gift will mean even more after a tumultuous year that saw the closing of countless businesses. 


Pick a Theme

We love a theme here at BadCat! A themed gift is a great way to really wow your clients. Among a sea of less-than gifts, yours will be the one that stands out, and your name will be the one that sticks in your clients’ heads. Think about a theme for your gift, such as self-care or game night. Work from home essentials would be a great idea after the year we’ve had!  It could even center around your business. For instance, one year we gave out wireless Bluetooth speakers with our logo on them to highlight how much BadCat loves technology. If you’re an animal hospital, maybe you’ll want to give out dog treats stamped with your logo.


Get Practical

Giving your clients something practical that they can use might go off better than a trinket that will get thrown in the back of a drawer never to be seen again. And if you’re giving to a client with food allergies, it’s best to avoid presenting them with the standard popcorn tin or cookie box. Think about something they may use every single day, like a backpack to carry all their things in as they commute to work. Last year, the BadCat team gave out lunch boxes with our logo on them, because who doesn’t love a cute lunch box to carry their lunch every day rather than using a plain old brown bag? A blanket will keep them warm in a chilly office, and a power bank will save them when their phone battery is about to die but their charger is AWOL.

“Work from home essentials would be a great idea after the year we’ve had!”

Personalize It

A gift with your logo stamped or stitched on it is always a great idea, especially because your client will remember who gave it to them. There are tons of options for promotional swag. Your logo can go on almost anything! Branded socks anyone?


Give Yourself Time

This tip might be coming to you a little too late to be helpful this year, but it’s not an over-exaggeration to say that the BadCat team begins planning their holiday gift in the first few months of the year. That gives us months to bounce ideas back and forth to settle on an idea that we not only love, but one that sticks. Once an idea is in place, give yourself plenty of time to order and receive the gifts (especially if they’re being customized or they’re shipping from overseas). If you’re doing a themed box of goodies, set up a gift station so everyone on the team can lend a hand and assemble the gifts together. Each year, the BadCats come together to assemble the gifts, and we all sign each card.

Happy holidays!


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