Digital Advertising with the Pride

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) uses paid advertising to attract visitors to your website and improve its visibility. While SEO improves your rank over time, the benefits of SEM are as instant as your office coffee.

Digital marketers like to say that the second page of a search result is the best place to hide a body, because no one ever looks there. SEM keeps your brand out of the digital graveyard by boosting the rank of your website. With help from BadCat, you can consistently use SEM to outperform your competitors.


The Perks of Search Engine Optimization

BadCat will propel you to internet fame by:

    • Targeting niche audiences based on geographic location
    • Tailoring SEM strategy to your business goals
    • Increasing conversions while measuring performance

Providing Dashboard Monitoring that evaluates costs, views auto-generated reports, and tracks campaigns

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) ads appear at the top of search results, driving people to your page.

Social Media Advertising entices people to interact with your content and builds brand recognition.

Display Ads use visual media to grab your audience’s attention. Using the Google Display Network, you can reach millions.

Video Advertising increases conversions with visual pitches for preview ads, social media promotions, and landing page videos.  

What Makes BadCat Different?

Successful SEM and digital advertising require a strategic approach. Before BadCat crafts your eye-catching ads, we consider your business goals to determine which platforms serve you best. We’re not saying you should ditch traditional ads; instead, let our Pride see how digital advertising will supplement them.

What’s one of the best things about partnering with BadCat? You own your ad accounts. We handle the management, but you remain in complete control over your ad spending. By working with us, you’ll have more say than a cat has whiskers.

Crunching the Numbers

We hear the skeptical number crunchers in the back. “Where’s the data to back this up?” Buckle up and cut the cattitude because we have a few figures to throw your way.

The average consumer makes 3-4 searches daily using Google, giving them plenty of chances to see your ads.

Nearly 50% of search engine users rely on these platforms to find and research products they plan to purchase.

For every $1 spent on paid search, experts estimate that a business makes around $8 in profit.

Ready to Get Started?

Effective SEM can give you a much-needed influx of new business–and BadCat can help. Our team of search strategists will bare their claws and help you slice through your competition. Are you ready?