Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a powerful set of tools for business, especially smaller and mid-sized businesses looking to increase their footprint in their industry. You may not have the budget to produce and buy TV ads or pepper the area with billboards, but that doesn’t mean that marketing isn’t a possibility. What you have is a story—a service or a product that is unique and worth talking about. BadCat can help you find a digital audience and tell that story.

Looking for digital marketing services in St. Cloud? Wondering how digital marketing could possibly help you grow your business? From SEO, SEM, and social media services to video production, graphic design, and website development, BadCat can help. Give us a call or fill out the form below to schedule a conversation.


From site architecture at launch to ongoing SEO services, organic search engine presence can offer huge returns when done correctly and consistently.


Audience and placement strategy, ad budget management, and data analysis can make or break an SEM engagement. We focus on using your budget in the most effective way to generate cost per lead or sale data that is useful and actionable in your business.

Social Media

There are so many social media platforms to choose from—how do you know where your potential customers are? Channel selection and optimization are just the start.


Your branding efforts are a way of telling a story about your company. The consumer holds a majority of the power, so it’s your job not just to tell a good story, but to embody the values you’ve set for the company.


Choosing the right form of marketing collateral for your project is the first step in creating a successful campaign. Reaching your target audience is all about tailoring your messaging to them.


Utilizing a mixture of blogs, articles, videos, and e-books allows you to reach a wider audience and provide them with the valuable information they want. When you provide them with valuable content, you build trust in your brand.


Your website can be an asset to your business, clearly communicating your products, services, and brand. A great website is user-friendly, loads quickly, and is accessible and attractive on every device.


If a picture is worth 10,000 words, how many words is a video worth? At BadCat, we have all kinds of digital video options. We can plan, write, and produce multiple location video shoots. We also have the BadCat Booth, a low-cost green screen option for testimonial and explainer videos. High-quality video marketing should be accessible to any business owner.

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We offer Classes too!

Learn to Grow Your Business

Take your digital marketing future into your own hands.

You know your business. We know digital marketing. And we can teach you to know digital marketing for your business.  Whether you are getting a new business off the ground, looking to grow your current business, or are a marketing professional looking for more digital knowledge, we can help you think like a digital marketer.  From research to strategy to measurement, we will cover it all with plenty of time to focus on your business goals and questions.

When are these fabulous classes, you ask? Why, anytime you want. We do offer traditional group classes 4 times a year, but one on one classes are always available. Contact us to learn more!

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