Marketing That Works for You


Just because our Pride does it all, doesn’t mean your business needs it all. At BadCat Digital, we work to understand your business goals and design a package to fit. The right package considers your desired sales and online presence, effective media platforms, and your preferred involvement level. We would never sell you anything your business doesn’t need.

All our strategies use a competitive pricing structure to assist businesses both large and small. Because we design each strategy with your needs in mind, we are always the pur-fect fit. When you partner with the Pride, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Search Engine Optimization


At BadCat, we take a holistic approach to SEO. We utilize search engine best practices to attract traffic to your website and increase conversions. Partner with BadCat and watch more people discover your brand.

Search Engine Marketing


This service is best for those that have an optimized website but are still looking for a competitive edge. Our BadCats can help you from ideation to implementation of search and social ads.

 Social Media Management


BadCat designs social media strategy with business goals in mind. There’s no need to flood your audience’s feed to see what works. We tailor posts to your strategy and platforms to capture attention, encourage engagement, and drive interest in your brand.

Web Development


Build a website as innovative as your products with state-of-the-art design, functionality, and conversion opportunities. From a simple landing page to an e-commerce powerhouse, we design sites specific to your business.

Additional Services

Every business needs a strong brand, whether your organization is old or new. BadCat offers additional services like logo design, brand development, and print work. Our team will analyze your business and recommend the services that help you most.

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What’s It Like to Work With BadCat?

BadCat works hard to understand your business, including your style, tone, and target audience. This approach allows your account managers to work with our team and craft a strategy that distinguishes you from your competition.

Getting Started

Even if your business is the new kid on the block, our process remains the same for all clients. The first step at BadCat is understanding and goalsetting. During this step, you will:


    • Help us walk a mile in your shoes and understand your business
    • Examine your current marketing efforts and find where we can help you shine
    • Tells us what you hope to gain from partnering with the Pride

Choosing Services that Fit Your Business

Some businesses think they should try a bit of everything, which has about the same odds you’ll find in Vegas. We’ll determine which services yield the greatest return on investment for your industry, location, and budget. BadCat will:


    • Choose services that meet your goals without burning a hole in your wallet
    • Turn you into a digital Sun Tzu, with a multi-layered marketing strategy
    • Apply your feedback and adjust the strategy as necessary

Putting the Work in Motion

At this point, you may want to kick your feet up and let the conversions roll in. However, there’s always adjustments that keep your business on top. BadCat handles all the heavy lifting by creating, posting, monitoring, and adjusting your marketing efforts. You can expect us to:


    • Create engaging content that everyone loves–even the Zoomers we know
    • Implement the work across your website, marketing accounts, or social channels
    • Set up analytics, have our spreadsheet nerds monitor performance, and suggest improvements
    • Meet with you monthly to review deliverables, analyze performance metrics, and collaborate with your team