Do I Even Need a Brand Audit?

And more importantly, why should I pay for something I can do myself?

Let’s start with what a Brand Audit even includes. Your brand’s reputation is everything and it only takes a moment for it to be called into question. Are you prepared to answer questions about what an employee or excutive posted on a personal social media profile? Do you know what the digital conversation about your brand looks like on forums like Reddit and Tumblr? Are your employees posting photes about work activities on their public social profiles that are either missed opportunities for your social media marketing or going to cause problems in the future? Have you looked into the online reputations of every sales representative or executive with a name on a proposal?

That is what is impacting your brand reputation. Publicly available information that isn’t on your radar. The Brand Audit helps you go from, “I think someone is taking care of that” to “I will not be surprised by a competitor, a prospect, or a potential problem.”

BadCat offers a private approach, allowing the business owner to investigate any findings personally and include employees and individuals at every level of an organization. We do not violate anyone’s privacy. We look only at publicly available information.

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What’s Included?

The internet is huge. So we break it down into three main sections: search engine listings, social media mentions, and reviews. Included with the Full Brand Audit is a review of the top 3 search engines, top 12 social platforms, and up to 10 individuals. We also add in two review response templates, business name, address, and phone listing inconsistencies, and a social media policy template. More details on the Full Brand Audit product page here.

  • 82% of people are more likely to trust a company whose executives use social media
  • 86% of people prefer an authentic and honest brand personality
  • 89% of people stay loyal to brands that share their values

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