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More than half the population has listened to a podcast before and a quarter of the population listens to several podcasts regularly. You may not always be able to set aside time to read a book, but that’s the beauty of the podcast. You’re able to listen and learn whenever you want: at home, in your car, at work, or at the gym.

Navigating Leadership and Building Trust

If you’ve ever wondered about what happens when powerful women in business close their office doors or swap their tailored suits and dresses for sweatpants at the end of the day, the If These Heels Could Talk podcast was designed for you.  What do they think about on their drive to work? How do they juggle finances in times of crisis? How do they build strong teams? How do they build trust? 

Navigating leadership, entrepreneurship, and small business ownership can be one of the most rewarding, yet difficult tasks you undertake in life. JoyGenea Schumer (Solutions by JoyGenea) and Michelle Henderson (BadCat Digital Marketing) have been through it all. If These Heels Could Talk acts as a guide to navigating the trials and triumphs of owning a business. From feminism, creativity, and coping with failure, to the more practical side of things like cybersecurity, decision-making, and budgeting, the podcast covers a little bit of everything.  With a podcast studio built right into the BadCat office, Michelle and JoyGenea focus on a new topic each week. Their laughter and relatable stories make it feel as if you’re talking to old friends over a glass of wine.

Changing the Status Quo

It’s no secret that, for many women, the glass ceiling has not been shattered. With each episode, JoyGenea and Michelle will help you slowly chip away at that ceiling until you’re ready to shatter it and come into your power as a leader. Or maybe you’re ready to change the status quo completely.

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