Why Print Marketing?

Whoever said print marketing is dead was wrong. Print marketing isn’t dead. You just have to know how to use it. At BadCat Digital Marketing, we know how to use marketing collateral to help you generate leads and build brand loyalty.

Utilizing Marketing Collateral

What is marketing collateral, you ask? Marketing collateral is print or digital media that is used to promote your brand. It encompasses a wide range of both print and digital materials, like business cards, brochures, e-blasts, infographics, and more. Choosing the right form of marketing collateral for your project is the first step in creating a successful campaign. Reaching your target audience is all about tailoring your messaging to them. Your message is conveyed not only with carefully crafted copy, but a captivating design. We create cohesive designs that balance text and graphics to embody your message and spark interest. We use professional tools to design graphics that utilize trendy color palettes and fonts designed to impress.

Bringing your Message to Life

If you need a little help conveying your brand’s mission to your clientele, we have all the tools of the trade to help you. We’ll help you develop a brand aesthetic that is consistent across all your platforms so that your print work matches the aesthetic of your website and social platforms. Our team of content writers will help you get the language just right and our team of designers will bring your message to life.


of small businesses see better ROI from using both print and digital marketing in collaboration


of age 45+ consumers trust print marketing more than other advertising

times more response rate from direct mail than from single email

Need a new logo? We can certainly do that. But maybe you want to print your own boardgame. (We did.) Maybe you need a brochure, branded folders, mailers, tradeshow display graphics, calendars, recruitment materials, and packaging. The relentlessly creative team at BadCat Digital can design all of that and more.

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