BadCat SEM

Cost-Effective, Results-Driven Search Engine Marketing.

What is SEM, Anyway?

And more importantly, why should a business owner make SEM a priority?

Put simply, Search Engine Marketing is advertising, online. But there are a ton of options available for online advertising that can be far superior to traditional advertising. Or a complete waste of money. The natural assumption is that any advertising is good advertising. But just like every powerful tool, SEM can help or hurt, depending on how it’s executed. From banner ads to video pre-roll to pay-per-click search advertising, BadCat can help you navigate the world of Search Engine Marketing, choosing platforms and creative that will work for your business and helping you to evaluate success.


How much does each new customer cost you? Evaluating the success of SEM is about understanding this number. And working to lower it.


How can you stand out online? The right creative can make or break on an online campaign.  It should work with your brand and traditional marketing efforts, but it can’t be exactly the same.

Collaborative Consulting

What does success look like to you? BadCat can help make sure your SEM is working for you, instead of just costing you. All because we’re working together toward that goal.
Plans and Pricing
Search Engine Marketing for St. Cloud businesses is about choosing the correct platform and audience for your message.  It is about whether or not your ads generate more leads or sales. And it about your understanding of the SEM and how it impacts your business increasing, empowering you and your team to contribute to your digital success.

How is BadCat SEM Different?

Business owner: “But what am I getting for my ad spend?”
Digital Marketer: “Impressions.”
How often have you wondered if your ad spend really does any good?  At BadCat, we believe that digital ad placements are very different from traditional media. We have more control, more data, and more flexibility than the long-term contracts typically required in a traditional space. Because of this, your search engine marketing strategy should be fluid and responsive to results.
Business Owner: “But what am I getting for my ad spend?”

BadCat: “Since your business is already established in the community, we are focusing on paying only for ad clicks to the coupon page we built on your site instead of thousands of impressions.  So far, we have gotten 120 clicks and spent $175. Of those 120 clicks, 40 users downloaded the coupon offer, so let’s talk about how many of those coupons have been redeemed so we know how much each of those new customers has cost you. Then you can decide if that makes sense for your bottom line.”

It all starts with a conversation.