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What is SEO, Anyway?

And more importantly, why should a business owner make SEO a priority?

Put simply, Search Engine Optimization is a combination of techniques that match your products and services with searches online and make the pages on your site more attractive to a search engine. This helps your site rank higher, driving more (and better!) traffic to your website. Most businesses are surprised by their lack of a footprint on a search engine results page, especially businesses with a long history in a local community.  The natural assumption is that a business’s offline reputation and place within their industry is just naturally reflected online. This isn’t necessarily true. And it means the business is missing out, leaving room for their competitors to earn their potential customers’ business.


Onsite SEO

Search engines are robots that read text. Selecting relevant search phrases and placing them properly while staying on message is essential for SEO success.


Are other sites talking about your business? Your online authority is about the type and quality of other site that link to yours. BadCat helps you turn your real life business relationships into powerful online relationships.

Technical SEO

Can search engines read your site? BadCat can help make sure your site is visible and organized in a way that robots like. All without disturbing the experience of the people visiting the site.
Plans and Pricing

Search Engine Optimization for St. Cloud businesses is about more than getting your site to rank for a bunch of words.  It is about those ranks gaining your business site traffic and more leads or sales. And it about your understanding of the SEO and how it impacts your business increasing, empowering you and your team to contribute to your digital success. Consider these plans a starting point.

How is BadCat SEO Different?

Business owner: “Why should my business have a Foursquare page?”

Digital Marketer: “For SEO.”

How many times have you been told to do something ‘because SEO’ or ‘for SEO’?  At BadCat, there are things we will recommend because SEO is important. But we will always tell you why.

Business owner: “Why should my business have a Foursquare page?”

BadCat: “Since you’re looking for local foot traffic to your restaurant, Foursquare is definitely worth the time and energy and can help your SEO efforts by getting another listing for your brand in the search results. If you were running a plumbing business out of your home, I would say no, because customers have to be at the business location to check in on Foursquare for it to be helpful.”

It all starts with a conversation.