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Why Social Media, Anyway?

Why should a business owner make SEO a priority?

Social Media is more than cat and food pictures. It is where neighbors and friends have conversations about their day to day experiences, including experiences with businesses. But posting your latest coupon on Facebook every week just doesn’t cut it.  Businesses need to start conversations that invite potential customers to join, becoming ambassadors for your products or services. BadCat can help you navigate the world of Social Media, choosing platforms and creative that will gain likes, followers, and positive attention.



What are your customers saying about you? Actively engaging in social media is about more than a few promotional posts. BadCat can help you stay on message while you start those conversations.


Are other sites talking about your business? Your online authority is about the type and quality of other site that link to yours. BadCat helps you turn your real life business relationships into powerful online relationships.

Engagement Metrics

What does success look like to you? A conversation with customers goes both ways. BadCat can help make sure your Social Media is working for you, instead of shouting into the wind.


Plans and Pricing
Social Media for St. Cloud businesses is about more than shouting your promotional message into the wind.  It is about engaging potential customers where they are talking to their circles of friends.  The backyard neighbor conversation over the fence is now happening online, and your business has the chance to be part of that conversation. Consider these plans a starting point.

How is BadCat SEO Different?

Business owner: “Why should my business be on Snapchat?”
Digital Marketer: “Because.”
How many times have you been told to do get involved with the latest and greatest social channel?  At BadCat, we know that social media is a powerful platform for businesses.  But only when the audience want to engage in the conversation.
Business Owner: “Why should my business be on Snapchat?”
BadCat: “As a local non-profit aimed at providing teens safe, engaging after-school and summer activities, it is extremely important to stay relevant to their conversations.  One way to do that is to shift some focus to Snapchat, as this is a huge potential audience for you. We will still want to be on Facebook, but those messages need to be a bit more focused on the parents, as the median age of the user to your page is in her mid-30’s.”


It all starts with a conversation.