Social Media Guide: Sharing Your Brand Personality


July, 2020

Sharing your business on social media is less of an extension of your website, and more of a space to share your business’ identity. Think of your business as a person. A person has opinions, likes and dislikes, and an aesthetic. Customers want to know and trust a company they may spend their money on.

The basics of showing your business’ identity comes straight from your website. A logo, colors, design style, and even language are usually first established on the pages of your business’ website. Ensure that you input as much of that information on your business’ social media pages as you can. Continuity across all platforms is vital to the initial creation of all social media pages.


The hardest part of maintaining any social media page is deciding what to post. This is where your business’ identity should really shine. All of your customers want you to share your business’ values, so be cautiously candid. Share behind-the-scenes photos from the office, retail space, or warehouse. Talk about the local events you are hosting and taking part in. Post that funny meme or really cool video that pertains to your industry. Ask questions. Go live. Involve your employees and customers. Most importantly, be consistent. A strong social media page posts good content regularly. Plan your content out. Schedule what you can, or hire someone to do it for you. Social media can be time-consuming when done well.


You are building a connection that when done right will bring your customers to you. They may not buy from you immediately, but they will remember you when they need you. If you keep working on maintaining your social media pages for your business, it can ensure loyalty or build loyalty by putting your business right in front of their face.

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