Social Media Guide:Utilizing Hashtags


July, 2020

We used to pick up a newspaper and magazine or flip on the TV to get our news or update ourselves on the latest information. We relied heavily on our neighbors, classmates, and coworkers to build our communities. But with the internet and social media, we have found a new way of connecting with each other. Our interests, hobbies, talents and skills can help everyone connect globally. Yet, how do you connect with others around the globe? One of the simplest ways is to use hashtags when you post, especially if you are using Instagram or Twitter.

If you don’t know what a hashtag is, look at the end of an Instagram post or tweet. You will find pound signs, now more commonly referred to as hashtags, followed by a word or phrase. Each pairing is highlighted in blue because you can click on them and you will be shown other content that has used the same hashtag. This is how you find content, users, and businesses that you may find interesting. These terms are also searchable. Using the magnifying glass or search bar, it is possible to find any user that has used a hashtag, language, or username with the term you are searching.


Who you follow and what hashtags you use help each platform recommend content to you. As you scroll through your Instagram or Twitter feed, you will find posts from users and businesses you do not follow. On those posts will be a follow button. Every platform wants you to find content and users that share interests with you. It is what connects you to others and enables you to build communities. It is also what continually draws you to the platform.

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