Social Media: What is Good Content?


August, 2020

Once you’ve built your brand and your social media profiles, what’s the next step? Start posting! The idea of posting may seem daunting; what do you even post? Let’s figure it out!

There are three golden rules to posting as a business. First, you should have a plan. It is a lot of work to plan out what you want to post weeks in advanced, but it will make the posting and managing of each page so much easier.


The second rule is to be consistent. Don’t put your page to sleep by neglecting it for weeks. Your followers, who are current or potential customers, will notice when you have not posted in a while. In fact, they may forget your business exists if you forget to post for too long. Each platform has a recommended number of posts your business should make every day or week. Generally, it is best to post once a day on most platforms, like Instagram and Facebook.

“Comments are the most valuable content because they truly express what your followers think of a post.”

The final rule is to experiment with the type of content that you are posting. You will never know what content followers will be receptive to if you do not try it. The caveat is that trying a type of post only once does not prove effectiveness. Give each type of post three or four tries before giving up on it. While you are experimenting and figuring out what is the best content for your business and your followers, ask yourself what makes a post successful.


Followers can respond to your posts in three different ways: reactions (or likes), comments, and shares. Reactions are the most passive of responses because it’s easy to press a single button while scrolling through your newsfeed. As a result, unless you see a large number of reactions, it means very little for effectiveness. Comments are the most valuable content because they truly express what your followers think of a post. If you ask a question and receive several comments that answer the question, then you are doing well. If the responses to your posts are negative or trolling, then that is not the best content to be sharing. The only response that has more potential value than a comment is if your followers share your post. When they share your post that means that they think the information is valuable enough that their followers need to see the post as well. Adversely, sharing can also be an attempt to troll your business’ page. A person may attempt to share your post in order to get their followers to bash your page and reviews, which can dramatically hurt your business. Overall, it is vital to review the responses that your page’s posts are receiving, but measure their value with a grain of salt.


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