BadCat is excited to announce the addition of four new cubs to our pride as part of our summer internship program: Rachel, Christian, Joannie, and Cody. The four interns are spread across our graphic design, writing, and videography teams and are helping keep BadCat working at peak efficiency.

Rachel and Joannie are our new Graphic Design Interns and will be helping the creative team produce top-quality custom graphics for our clients. We’re excited to see what kind of creative hijinks they’ll get up to.

Christian is our new writing intern and will be assisting our writing team by writing web copy as well as writing and editing blogs. He’ll be learning more than he ever thought he would about all the different services our clients offer.

Cody is our new videographer intern and will be providing support to the video team, helping produce custom video content for our clients. We’re hoping he’ll be the next Coppola, but we’ll be satisfied with Kubrick-level work.

Pride cohesion is essential, and cohesion is founded on connection. To get to know our new interns, we asked them a series of increasingly specific questions.

Where are You From? What’s your Educational Background?

Rachel: I am from Hanover, MN. I’m going to be a senior at SCSU this fall.

Joannie: I was born in Paterson, NJ, but I grew up in Richfield, MN. I am currently a senior at SCSU.

Christian: I was born in St. Cloud, but I grew up in various Twin Cities suburbs. I graduated this spring from the University of Minnesota.

Cody: I am from Litchfield, MN. I have a Bachelor of Communications with two minors in conflict management and multicultural communications.

What’s Your Favorite Movie?

Rachel: The Lost Boys

Joannie: The Book of Life

Christian: Halloween

Cody: The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

You’re Up to Bat in the MLB, What’s Your Walk-up Song?

Rachel: All Summer Long by Kid Rock

Joannie: Lucky Strike by Maroon 5

Christian: No Remorse by Metallica

Cody: 25/8 by Bad Bunny

What’s Your Favorite Ancient Civilization?

Rachel: Egypt

Joannie: The Romans

Christian: Also the Romans

Cody: Ancient Greece

What Web Browser Do You Prefer?

 Rachel: Google Chrome

Joannie: Google Chrome

Christian: Opera (what a weirdo)

Cody: Google Chrome

The future has never been brighter at BadCat. We can’t wait to see all the wonderful contributions and impacts our interns make this summer!

Want to learn more about the BadCat team? Visit our team page.