Video Marketing 


February, 2019

You know how important digital marketing is through SEO and a strong social media presence, but have you thought about video marketing? Whether creating a video testimonial or a fun explainer video, a video goes a seriously long way. If you haven’t considered it yet, it’s time to think about video marketing for your business.

 Video is an exciting break from the usual text we’re accustomed to having thrown at us. The format is easy-to-digest, making it the perfect marketing tool. If you need proof, consider that in 2017, YouTube reported that 1 billion hours of video clips were watched per day. That means if you want to compete in your market, you need to start to incorporate videos into your arsenal of tools.


While videos are versatile and engaging, they’re also extremely effective because they give viewers a firsthand look into what your business looks like. You can share video across countless platforms, so you can reach people where they are. Do you have a lot of followers on Twitter and Instagram? Share your videos there! Facebook or YouTube more your target audience? Videos are easily shared there, too. Even take advantage of Snapchat if that’s the app your audience visits most. Just be sure you know the video length limits of each platform.


The beauty of video also comes from the sheer range of creative directions you can go in. Do you need to explain a bit more about your products? Create an explainer video. Do you want to showcase a member of your team or an exciting new project? Conduct an interview and record it. If you want people to see what others think of your products or how they use them, a product review from one of your top clients is the perfect way to get new customers interested. With brand ambassadors, you’ll essentially be getting free advertising if they share the videos to their social accounts. You can also create a fun video to launch a product or new promotion. Even live video can help your business. Interact directly with customers and followers in real time and answer their most pertinent questions. Videos are all about informing your audience—even if that means informing them how fun you are. Be as business-like or personal as you need to be to get your message across. People will enjoy getting an inside look at what your company is all about.


Video will also do a world of good for your SEO efforts—if you optimize videos properly of course. Be sure you implement proper keywords, a meta description, and a strong title. Videos are seen as high-quality content, so it’s a win-win for you. Educate your audience and make search engines happy.


Start a conversation! Get your message out there in front of more people. Create captivating videos that show what your business has to offer. Tell your story! Still feel like you have no idea what you’re doing? That’s what we’re here for! Give us a call and ask us how you can make a video in our BadCat Booth!