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There’s nothing like a hair refresh. A little snip snip here and a few highlights there, and you feel like a new person. What about a website refresh? When’s the last time that you’ve updated your website? Take care of yourself and your business with a website that you won’t have to worry about. With responsive web designers and insightful project managers, BadCat is your salon’s new partner.

Your hair salon’s website is one of the first things potential customers see, so you want to make your website as stylish and beautiful as the hairstyles you create all day. Whether individuals are coming to your site to schedule an appointment with your stylists, check on your salon pricing, or to learn about the latest trends, they rely on concise, clean copy and clear navigation to provide them the information they need.

Your website should captivate and compel. It begins with a stylish design, mobile responsiveness, and a fast load speed, and it finishes with optimized copy. BadCat Digital is focused on building you a website that will encourage clients to visit your hair salon for the best hairstylists and hairstyles in town.

How We Can Help

Your website is one of the strongest indicators of your salon’s identity and it is one of the most important marketing tools your stylists can utilize. At BadCat Digital, we’ll not only ensure your website is on-brand, looks great, and is easy to navigate, we’ll help grow your online presence, drive traffic to your website, and convert clicks into clients. As you work toward your goal of building your customer base and retaining current clients, we’ll make it easy for clients to schedule appointments with your hairstylists. We have an in-house team of professional graphics designers, web developers, copywriters, and project managers that are well-versed in the hair industry. The team is equipped to help you at every step of the website and search engine optimization process. 

Don’t mullet over too long. Schedule a free website development consultation with BadCat Digital Marketing today.

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