What is a Blog and How Does it Work You?


January, 2019

*Insert joke about bloggers here.*


Personal and freelance bloggers are everywhere it seems. Throw out the term “blogosphere” or “blogroll” or something similar in a public space, and chances are more than a few people nearby will perk up.

 We get it—it’s annoying when you ask a friend about their experience with something and they tell you to check out their personal blog. However, blogs are a really great tool for large and small business alike; some might even call them critical. Not only will a blog drive traffic to your site because people will be interested to see what you have to say as an expert in your field, but it’ll also improve your SEO and set you apart from the competition.


Sure, bloggers can make money by placing ads on their site, but small businesses can make money through their blog without relying on ads. A blog will attract new customers to your services and nurture the customers you already have. Each entry can relate back to a specific product or service you offer, but you can also write about your field in general to show your expertise. Regular, quality posts will drive steady traffic to your site and blogs will drive traffic to your site long after they’re published. Your website will be seen as a destination for leisurely, fun reading rather than one that is occasionally visited.

blogs need to keep the customer in mind

Each blog should be strategic. Both well-written and informative, blogs need to keep the customer in mind; ideally they will inspire readers to make some sort of change. Chances are, you spend some time researching before you make the leap and buy a new product. An informative blog presents buyers with all the research they need on your product. Essentially, your blog acts as a portfolio and shows off what your business can do. Be sure you’re including pictures, too. By implementing SEO best practices in each entry, potential customers searching for the type of product you sell will find your site.


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