You’ve seen shopping ads on Google before. You know, the ones with the pictures, prices, and reviews. If you’re an e-commerce retailer, Google Shopping ads are an excellent way to increase your ads’ effectiveness. If you’re a brick-and-mortar retailer, Google Shopping ads are not available to you. Or are they?

New Kid on the Block: Pointy from Google

Enter Pointy, the latest Alphabet product release for retailers. By signing up for an app or the free Pointy scanner, retailers can scan the UPC on their products in-store and Google will match it to an online image. After filling out a few details, the products are now available for two features: your store’s My Business map listing AND local inventory ads.

Google Pointy’s Effect on Retailers

Pointy will make a huge impact on retailers. With this service, those phone calls about whether something is in stock can be checked online. It means your Google My Business listing can now include a search bar for your product inventory, complete with images and stock status.

The Cost for Local Businesses

Pointy is totally free. But Google’s latest invention is also the gateway to local inventory ads, the latest in their pantheon of ad services. These cost-per-click ads will allow retailers with no e-commerce capability to show ads for products in their physical store alongside images, pricing, and reviews, just like the e-commerce shopping ads you’re used to. If you have a physical store location AND an e-commerce website, you’re eligible for both ad types.

Throwing a Bone to Brick-and-Mortar

While Pointy still doesn’t address the need for visual ad types for creatives who make their inventory, it adds a much-needed tool to Google for brick-and-mortar retailers, local boutiques, and small business owners.

There’s nothing stopping local businesses from profiting from Pointy. It’s free and Google makes it simple. Eligibility requirements and FAQs are on their website. BadCat is here if you want more information or are ready to get started.