September, 2018

Every successful marketing campaign has exactly one thing in common: the company putting it out takes a stand. It might be as simple as a declarative statement, like, “Our cereal tastes better than theirs.” Or it could be more advanced or controversial, like Nike’s latest campaign. It’s not about the controversy. Or about the statement itself. It’s about a company that is willing to make a declarative statement at all. It’s about saying this is who we are.

Most brands think they do this already. But the vast majority do not. Courage, as a company, is required to say, “This is who we are.” That’s because the minute you say who you are, you are also saying who you are not.

No brand, company, or service provider can be everything to everyone. Successful marketing campaigns are about communicating to your core audience, without being afraid to alienate others. Companies must understand that their brands won’t be for everyone. That you must limit your audience. This is takes courage to be clear. The people who you want to hear your message will hear it, if it is geared toward them. Your brand will be able to cut through the noise of all those tepid marketing campaigns that just try not to tick people off.

Does that mean actively making people mad? Of course not. It also doesn’t mean that your brand needs to be politically controversial or aggressively competitive. It just means that your marketing should be an answer to the question, “What makes you great?”

At BadCat, we say that we are the digital marketing agency for the fearless. Be loud, proud, and stand tall on what makes you great.