Why is SEO so Valuable?


October, 2019 

If you own a business and you don’t have an online presence, you may as well call it quits now. Harsh? Maybe. True? Completely. In our technology-driven world, we depend on technology to gather information about the world. If you don’t have your work on the internet in some type of capacity, you won’t show up in search results. And if you’re a business looking for new leads and continued business, you most definitely want to show up at the top of the search results. That’s where SEO comes in: Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is the practice of following specific rules to optimize your website so that it can rank higher on search engine organic results. It’s not just enough to have an online presence. You want to make sure you utilize search engine optimization on your website so that people will actually see your content. Statistics show that 75% of searchers never go past the first page of search results, which means that if you aren’t utilizing the proper SEO strategies, even if you have an online presence, you most likely won’t be seen. On top of that, a majority of internet users ignore paid ads, so if that is your sole method of getting yourself out there, it simply isn’t enough to gain traction and generate new leads.


According to Forbes, 93% of all online activities—whether it be researching a product or buying something—starts with a search engine. Think about it: when is the last time you bought a phone? You probably googled the phone itself, or you googled the best options for cell phones. The results that appeared most likely linked to nearby locations where you can purchase that phone, and articles (that were properly optimized to show up in search results) that talk about cell phone trends for the year. Leads generated from SEO are much more likely to turn into sales. So, if you do your job right, that internet searcher is going to come to your store to purchase their new phone.


SEO is more than just appearing at the top of search results. It’s also about making your website user-friendly and fast. It’s about easily providing answers to questions that internet users are frequently asking. Utilizing SEO may benefit you, sure, but it is mutually beneficial because it helps your audience quickly find the answer or solution they need.


SEO isn’t just a fancy term people are throwing around willy nilly. It works. If you’re hoping to stay a step above the competition, it’s time you start using it.

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